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    Some points gently, Alora in your guide is not found how to set the button gives now also increasingly in the menu does not exist to change color to the menu items “for example white color with red hover” if I put the white color to the menu I will have all of the site links white and you can not altrimento not seen you can have more detailed guidance on the menu settings or eventually a help from your staff? forward but I do not know if it is your problem not see any inserted video with youtube links see page https://www.amka.it/i-volti-di-amka/

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    Sorry for answer delay,
    Because a few reason, we performed remove the channel support to https://wpstrong.ticksy.com/
    Please give me information your site: link+admin access and description your problem detail to it to I can check directly and show solution for you.
    Thank you!

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