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Problems setting up PetVet

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    I recently purchased the PetVet theme and am having trouble importing the demo content to have the 6 demo views available. The installation did not go that smoothly as the CMSSuperheroes, Slider and Visual Composer plugins didn’t seem to be part of the package. I was able to find, install and activate them. I was also able to import the content/menus manually from the xml and json files, but when I try to change to one of the demos, nothing happens. In fact, the import screen has the import button greyed out with a warning that Visual Composer et al need to be installed, even though the required plugins are installed and activated. Also, There are no sliders and I found that the slider zip files were not unpacked when the main theme zip file was installed. Have I missed something that needs to be changed/switched on?


    Don Morison
    Purchase code: hidden 12 October 2016

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    Sen (Supporter)

    Thanks for your submission!

    1. You are install sample data not done

    – Your Memory not enough for import files running

    – Your post max time of your server not enough for import data done

    At the basic level, this theme will require the following conditions:

    Apache 2.x or Microsoft IIS 7
    PHP 5.3.x
    MySQL 5.0.4 or higher
    WordPress 3.9+, 4.0+
    We Recommended PHP configuration limits are as follows:

    max_execution_time 60s

    memory_limit 128M

    post_max_size 32M

    upload_max_filesize 32M

    2.List work should be:

    – Clean your wordpress( content and theme )
    – Config server ( memory and max in put time )
    – Install theme and activate it.
    – Install and activate all plugins of theme.
    – Setup sample data by one click:

    Please don’t hesitated to contact us again if You can’t figured out.

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    1. I followed your instructions above, starting with cleaning the WordPress install (emptied the database and reinstalled WordPress). No errors were experienced; setup proceeded normally
    2. Configured the server with your settings and verified Apache 2.4.23, PHP 5.6.25, MySQL 5.7.14, WordPress 4.6.1
    3. Installed the PetVet theme and activated it
    4. Installed plugins – had error – 3 plugins could not be downloaded from CMSSuperheroes.com – see screenshot in attached image #3. & #4.
    5. Located the three zip files on cmssuperheroes.com (manually typed in url) cmssuperheroes.zip, revslider.zip, js_composer.zip
    6. Installed ALL uploaded plugins without error
    7. On activation (all using bulk actions) got error shown in attached image #5
    8. De-activated PetVet
    9. Activated all PetVet plugins with no errors
    10. Re-activated PetVet theme, with warning for outdated files in WooCommerce plugin
    11. Verified no issues in Slider Revolution re php settings
    12. Went to theme options (per your screen shot), selected theme version 06, saved; “Import Now” button greyed out under Demo Content see attached image #7

    These are exactly the same results I had on my initial install.

    Please provide me with some additional help to resolve these issues.



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    Sen (Supporter)

    Hi donmorison

    Please give me admin+Ftp info your site i will have a close look and help you to install plugins and demo data.

    Thank you!

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    My site is running in a development environment on my Windows 10 computer. I could share my desktop through GoToMeeting, but I don’t know how to make the site visible via the internet. I didn’t really want to expose my PC in that way. Are there any other options you can use?

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    Sen (Supporter)
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    Sen (Supporter)

    Yes!!!Please don’t hesitated to contact us again if You can’t figured out.

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