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    I have a lot of concerns, forgive me.
    First time doing this.


    1.- I have no idea where I can change the Typo of this header.
    First Image.

    2.- I love this type of Custom Heading, I’d love to have every pages’ headings like this. I even saved it as preset.
    Second Image.

    Every time I add a new Custom Heading, it appears like this (third image) even though I saved the other as preset, and I have no idea how can I have it like the ‘perfect one’. So, I tried the easy thing, to copy the ‘perfect heading’. YES, I did such thing and whenever I move it to another row, it goes back to normal.

    Third Image.

    3.- And last but not least, I have no idea how to change the CMS Single Box, Single Counter and all that stuff’s typo and typo size.

    Please, please help me out.
    I’d love to learn all of these cool stuff.
    I’m stuck.


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    Sen (Supporter)


    1. I’m not much understand your mean, but you you have two choices for “Page Title & BC” in theme options and page options:



    2. Please check configs of “Custom Heading” element in Perfect-heading.png.

    3. Could you explain again this issue to i can help you.

    Thank you!

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    Is there any possibility that we could contact each other through Team Viewer.
    That way I can explain myself better.

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    Sen (Supporter)

    Hi ClaudiaSantillan

    Please show all your questions at here and insert caption into your screenshot to i can understand it and show you best solutions.

    Thank you!

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